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About MaximDouglas

  • About Us

    Maxim Douglas is a full service specialty manufacturing shop doing business since 1984. Our factory, located in Ventura, California, produces the very highest quality pieces for a variety of clientele.

  • Typical production work flow

    Concept-to-completion design development with client, complete fabrication, specialty finishing, packaging, crating, and shipping-delivered anywhere, (with special arrangement).
  • Typical materials used

    GFRC (glass fiber reinforced concrete), FGR95 (fiberglass reinforced gypsum), polyester and polyurethane resins, polymer concrete, ram pressed clay, slip cast and hand-thrown ceramics, plaster, cast and slumped glass, aluminum fabrication, traditional and polymer bronze.
  • Full time, in house production staff include

    Sculptor, finishers (all materials, including metal), mold maker (molds in fiberglass, plaster, silicone and urethane rubbers), industrial design consultant .

MaximDouglas Projects

Blake Griffin Sculpture for Nike

A life size sculpture made of NBA basketball player Blake Griffin for presentation outside of the Nike store in Santa Monica, CA

Resin Mechanical Bull for Commercial Use

A life size mechanical bull sculpted from scratch for a popular bar in Los Angeles

Deer Antler Chandelier

A chandelier inspired by deer antlers that was hand made and designed in house  

Whale Tail Benches

Whale Tail benches made out of resin and reside in multiple locations including Santa Barbara(4), Malibu(2)

Fountain at the Biltmore

A fountain project done for the Biltmore in Santa Barbara, CA.

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Ceramic garden stools

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