LUXEFORME Resin Composite Tables

Luxeforme is a combination of propietary vinyl ester resin composites used as a component of restaurant tabletops.

Tables with Luxeforme are constructed of a proprietary high-grade vinyl ester composite, similar to that used on luxury yacht hulls and other comparable indoor/outdoor applications. We add our own fillers to amplify strength for commercial utilization. It is freeze/thaw resistant, and is viable up to 150 degrees Fahrenheit. The wood and shagreen textures are 5 lbs per square foot, and will withstand a hammer hitting the edge without damaging the surface in any way.

The oak, redwood and shagreen textures are all hand-painted with several layers of different colors to achieve maximum aesthetic appeal. They are then coated with two layers of a high density clear coat: available in matte, satin, and gloss. These tops are intended for both indoor and outdoor utilization.

Our latest tables are of a similar material as the wood grain tops, but with a terrazzo character. Rock, glass, precious stone, shells, and of course, custom coloration are all available. The final finish is a genuine diamond-honed surface, identical to the finest marbles and stone tops. An important difference though, is that our Luxeforme tops are much stronger than real stone, due to our unique formulation and casting process.

Each table, whether wood, shagreen, or terrazzo, has a plywood core, which is encapsulated underneath with the same resin as the surface. They are completely water and weather proof. Table bases, whether commercial or custom, can easily be attached from beneath with screws. If specified, steel coupling nuts can be embedded in the wood for metal to metal contact with the attaching bolts.

Maxim Douglas is known primarily for creative manufacturing across a variety of disciplines and Luxeforme is the latest generation of innovative approaches to creative design and production.

Standard sizes - all 1.5" thick:
24" X 36" 24" X 24" 36"
24" X 42" 36" X 36" 42"
24" X 60" 48" X 48" 48"

Custom sizes available.

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